Growth Charts

I will try to make this more presentable later ^_^; If you have growth charts that are relevant to Teku Teku Angel, even if they are in Japanese, please send a link my way! I'd be happy to try and translate it.

For some reason the text on this site doesn't display correctly for me :/ it's not in English or Japanese, but just...jibberish. It does show various stages though!

This is a scan I found while looking up information on Teku Teku Angel. I believe this is for the first version of Teku Teku Angel. It appears that the forms in the center with the orange column by them are the 'ideal' path to finally end up with an angel. The bottom characters in the groups of 3 look like the 'you didn't walk enough with your pet' outcome, as they all seem chubby ^_^; As for the top characters, maybe you ran TOO much? Not sure...Anyway, here is a translation of the paragraph above!
When you meet a gel-kun, which will it be?

When you get to the point of meeting a gel, color in the heart mark. At 
the first meeting, let's fill in the time of day.

Gel-kuns you know and Gel-kuns you don't know you'll understand with just 
a glance.

Here are my translations of the names for the 3 lineages. A couple don't have English translations, but the Japanese pronunciation is there.


Paragraph translation, line for line! Yes I'm doing this by myself based on my own knowledge of Japanese language, and a handy kanji dictionary >_<; If you think any of my translations are off, please post and I'll be happy to discuss it with you ^_^

Gel-kun grows from a baby to infancy, childhood, up to adolescence  and 
becomes an angel.

The most important growth happens when it's a baby.

This time, with how persistent you are, you can understand the person lineage,
 monster lineage, gel lineage types.

However, depending upon your efforts, there could also be variations/mutations...

It's bad if you give up mid-way through!