Here is an explanation of the various screens and features of Teku Teku Angel! I took the time to write ALL of this based on my own experience with Teku Teku Angel, so if you want to use it on your site please ASK first, and credit me with a link to this blog! THANK YOU ♥ I translated this image from the Japanese version on the main site:

Step & Pet Screen
- Displays animation of your pet with a step counter above it. (shown above)
- Max steps in one day seems to be 99,999 (at least that's all there is space for)
- Push B and SELECT at the same time on this screen to display a message from your pet. The messages seem to correlate to the time of year.
- Push A and SELECT at the same time to turn sound off or on. A music note () will appear when sound is on, and disappear when sound is off.
- Push A and B at the same time to pause the pedometer. The screen will change to an image of your pet sleeping, and the step numbers will disappear. Even if you walk with the device, it will not track steps or distance.
- Pushing SELECT seems to make your pet go into a different animation. I am not sure if the animation changes based on how well you are taking care of your pet or not. Mine seems to only be happy when I push the button.

Date & Time Screen
- Displays date and time in this format:
00月 00日
00時 00分

月 = Month
日 = Day
時 = Hour (24 hour clock)
分 = Minute
秒 = Second

- Pushing the 'select button' on this screen takes you to a screen that says:
日時設定 = Date/Time Configuration
する = Do
しない = Don't
The arrow will automatically be on the しない option, and pressing the select button again will bring you back to the date/time screen with no changes. Pressing A or B to select する will allow you to change the date and time to your liking just like when you first start the game.

Slot Machine Mini Game
- Screen displays an animation of your pet and says "すろっと" at the top. I'm not sure why they used hiragana and not katakana, as "すろっと" actually comes from the English word "Slot". In Japanese it's pronounced "Surotto". Foreign words are usually written in katakana, and native words are written in hiragana. Perhaps they didn't want to make katakana characters just for the game?
- Pushing SELECT on this screen will start the mini game. Each of the 3 buttons corresponds to one of the slots:
A = Left slot
B = Middle slot
SELECT = Right slot
- The slots cycle through the numbers (123456789) and the four card suits (♠)
- Each time you line up 3 in a row of any number/symbol, you will see a small box appear on the right hand side. The boxes keep stacking on top of each other until they fill the right most column of the screen completely (10 boxes maximum)

- Based on the amount of times you get 3 in a row, your pet will become increasingly more happy. There are 3 levels of happiness. Here are the amount of boxes it takes to bring your pet to different happiness levels:
◘ = Not very happy (first 3)
◘ = Somewhat happy (middle 4)
◘ = Very happy (last 3)
If you can get enough wins to be in the 'very happy' range, your pet seems to be thrilled even if you don't match 3 in a row o_o

Daily Status Screen
- At the top is says ノルマ (quota) and a number. The number is the amount of steps you need to take in a single day to make your pet happy. The number will be different from person to person based on the personal information you input upon start up (mine is 5,000). Below that are 2 faces. One happy, one sad. Next to the faces are kanji counters for days. So it looks something like this:
☺ 0

When you meet the required daily step amount, the happy day counter will go up one number. I am not currently certain what it takes to get a 'sad day' added to the total. I'm assuming you would have to not walk AT ALL with your pet the entire day :(

- Pushing SELECT on this screen shows you:
00,000 歩 = steps
0.00 km    = distance traveled in kilometers
00 kcal     = kcal or calorie count
Obviously the numbers would be different depending on what you've done for the day.

Pet Life
- This screen shows you your pet's name (written in hiragana up at the top), the days it's been alive, and at the bottom shows a row of hearts (♥♥♥). When you get a 'happy day' added to your tally, your pet will gain half a heart. I'll venture a guess and say that every time you get a 'sad day', the hearts will go down until it dies :(

This is a sub-section of the step & pet screen. During various seasons, and times of day, your Teku Teku Angel will say different things to you! Here is a collection of what I've seen so far.

Any time:
- いっしょにがんばろう (let's do well together!)
- ケーキ1個分歩いたよ(One piece of cake, I walked you know)
- 今日も元気にがんばろう (With vigor, let's do well today too)

Summer (June-??)
- やっぱり夏はあついね (summer is always hot, isn't it?)

Time of Day Specific
@12:58AM: 夜ふかしはほどほどに。。(Stay up late in moderation...) This sentence is interesting because the 'ほどほど' part might be a pun. 'ほどほど' means 'moderation', but 'ほど' by itself means 'walking pace', which Teku Teku Angel is all about!
@1:18PM: おひるごはんたべた?(did you eat lunch?)


If anyone has any information that I'm missing here, or wants me to clarify something, please let me know! I'm only on my first time using Teku teku Angel, so I haven't been able to experiment yet. Thanks for reading ^_^ I took the time to write ALL of this based on my own experience with teku teku angel, so if you want to use it on your site please ASK first, and credit me with a link to this blog! THANK YOU ♥