Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 10 of 30 - Guilt Trips!

Stats for today.
Day 10
Pet Name:  あいこ
Hearts: ♥ ♥ ♥ 1/2 
Steps: ~6,050/6,000
km: ???
kcal: 200+
Slots: full
Happy Days: 9
Sad Days: 1
Pet's messages:
いっしょにがんばろう (let's do well together!)
やっぱり夏はあついね (summer is always hot, isn't it?)
(wasn't by my comp for the exact Japanese phrase, but something along the lines of 'let's not skip/ditch!' I'll try to catch it next time)
Talk about guilt trips man! The last time I posted, I wasn't able to meet the step quota. So today, I wake up to find Aiko lost half a heart, gained 1 sad day, and changed to a 'non ideal' form :( Even my boyfriend thought that was a TAD harsh, lol! My sleep/wake schedule is still a little weird, and I was out at a late dinner so I was unable to log the exact distance and kcal stats when midnight came. I did see a few more messages though, but the kanjis were sooo super tiny and squished it was hard to read. I'm sure I can figure it out if I look at it with my kanji dictionary though. Anyway, I did a little step work out today so I was JUST able to get it over the quota changing Aiko back to her Panda self. Starting tomorrow I'll try to get back on track >_<!!!
I'll try to get some scans up of the instructions to go along with my article on various functions of the Teku Teku Angel soon too.

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