Start Up

Starting up a virtual pet (especially in a different language) is often the most intimidating part. You want to do well from the beginning, but if you can't even read what's going on in the game, you're already at a disadvantage.

For this exact reason, I'm going to try to even the playing fields for people who still want to try Teku Teku Angel.

I promise you, once you get going with it, you'll find there isn't a ton of reading necessary to do...especially if you follow along with the translations provided for you here from the beginning ^_^ Just walk, play slots, watch your pet evolve, and have fun! So good luck to you and your angel ~♫ (Always feel free to let me know if I need to clarify a particular area more!)

The Journey Begins
Like 99% of the virtual pets out there, you begin your saga of legendary proportions by pulling out the little white tab that activates the batteries inside the device. I don't remember this screen, but apparently it's the first thing you see. Push select to continue! (the screen shot says "Teku Teku Angel"...go figure!)

Month & Day Setting // 日付設定
Time to set the month and day! The first number you enter in is month (1-12), and the second number is the day of the month (1-31). Push A and B to go back and forth through the numbers, and select to confirm. (if you majorly screw up here, you can re-set the time whenever you'd like once the game starts)

Time Setting // 時刻設定
Pretty simple here! The first number you can change is the hour (it's on a 24 hour clock, so 1-24), and the second number is the minute (1-60). This can also be changed at any time in case you screw up.

Pet Name // ペットの名前は?
This one is a little tricky if you can't read hiragana. Press A or B to cycle through the characters, and press select to confirm. I have an in-depth intro to hiragana at my other blog, you can check out if you'd like. You can also try Wikipedia's hiragana chart! It's pretty nice but wont go in-depth about how each character is pronounced. At least you'll have a better idea of what you're naming your pet.

Here are a few names you can copy  if you're interested ^_^ Make sure you've input the correct characters, because the name can't be changed!
なつ = Natsu (Summer)
あき = Aki (Autumn)
ふゆ = Fuyu (Winter)
はる = Haru (Spring)
はな = Hana (Flower)
さくら = Sakura (Cherry Blossom)
あく = Aku (Evil)
If you want to know how to write a name, just post it in English and I'll provide the hiragana characters for you :)

Your Weight // あなたの体重は?
Enter your weight in kg. You'll just have to look up a converter if you use the lbs system >_< Sorry!
I believe your initial step quota will be different depending on what you enter here. So yes, essentially the game is judging if you're overweight or not without knowing height, muscle mass, etc....oh well!!!! The stats should all be taken relatively anyway~

Your Step Width // あなたの歩幅は?
This is where you enter your step width in centimeters. This is how the game calculates your distance walked each day, and probably has something to do with the calorie count as well. Be sure to measure from the heel of your front foot to the toe of your back foot at an average walking pace. If you plan to ONLY run with your pet, then you could measure your average run width, but it's up to you!

Quota Setting // ノルマ設定
Basically this screen is asking if you want the step quotas to be done manually, or automatically. If you select the first option (自働) the step quota will change automatically. If you select the second option (手動), you will be taken to the screen below. Based on my 'automatic' experience so far, each time your pet evolves (and   possibly depending on other things you entered in like weight) the daily step quota will increase.

Step Setting // 設定歩幅
If you select manual (手動) on the previous screen, you will see this. What you select will determine your step quota. I haven't tried this yet, so I don't know if it increases at any point during your pets life, or stays the same. Anyway, here is a key so you know how many steps you're setting yourself up for per day:
3 千 = 3,000
5 千 = 5,000
7 千 = 7,000
1 万 = 10,000

Note: On the instruction manual scan above, next to the angel gel kun, it has a 'warning' about not being able to see all the characters (one of the kanji is totally illegible for me, but the rest of the sentence implies this enough). Just be careful!

Days Alive
On this screen, the game lets you select how many days you want to walk with your pet. This is good for planning around important events where you know you won't be able to carry your Teku Teku Angel around with you for an extended period of time. The more days you set it for, the longer the pet stays in each stage. I imagine you would have more wiggle room when it comes to getting an angel for your final pet if you select 90 days, but I haven't tested this for sure.

That's it for start up! After you go through these screens, you'll have a little gel kun of your own to walk with :)
I'll post more translations when I can!