This will just be a little space for some personal background. Not much to say, but I thought someone might be bored enough to read it :p

Some things about me:
♥ I thought I'd make this blog to help people out who are interested in trying this pedometer style pet. I can't seem to find a lot of guides or reference material out there, and what I do find is scattered all over the place. I'll try to collect everything nicely here ^_^ If you have links or images I've missed, just let me know.

♥ I actually have another blog, that kind of explains why I'd even bother getting a virtual pet in Japanese....(short story, I'm a Japanese language and literature major)

♥ I used to collect virtual pets of ALL kinds when I was younger. The more exotic they looked the better. I still have an old tamagotchi backpack that has a few handfuls of virtual pets and McDonald's tamagotchi toys. (most of them probably still work, they just need the watch-style batteries)

♥ I really liked the Digimon pets, but never got into the show. I always felt like it was a rip of Pokémon (even though Digimon technically existed before Pokémon, but whatever).

♥ I LOVED both Pocket Pikachu pedometer pets, and was very sad to learn that I somehow lost BOTH of them :( I carried them around everywhere, and constantly played the little slot machine games. The second version was actually in full color, and had dozens of interesting animations. They've discontinued making them, so if you find one online it will be quite expensive ($60+)

♥ More recently, I had the pedometer that came with Pokemon black/white versions. It wasn't a complex game, but it was near impossible to cheat the pedometer just by shaking it (it didn't make a 'click' noise like most other pedometers). Unfortunately I lost that too :/ I'm not usually the type to lose things like that, so I was quite sad!

Links Out  帰って下さい~♫
Some cool links to check out if you're leaving~
Teku Teku Angel Hudson Website (stopped updating around 2000)
Teku Teku Angel DS Website (I might end up translating a guide for the DS version of it in the future)
Pixelmood (tons of info on tamagotchis of all types)

- If you want to do a link exchange, let me know! I also have some room for 'sister sites' on the right hand column of all the blog pages. Space is more limited there, but your sites get seen more often!


Free Stuff
coming soon ^_^;

Wish List
1) KeroKero KEROPPI - by Sanrio
One of my best friends in elementary school had this (he was Japanese, so he got all the cool stuff lol). I think he let me take care of it for a few days ^_^ Also, I love sanrio-related things, so it'd be great to have this one again!
2) Teku Teku Angel for the Nintendo DS
I really like my current Teku Teku Angel, even though it's the first version of 3. I imagine the DS compatible version of Teku Teku Angel would have way more fun features and possible forms :3
3) Tamagotchi School
Just looks like an interesting concept o3o! I like that it's kind of big too with unique controls.
4) Pocket Pikachu (color)
As mentioned above, I just really loved this one ^_^ It's super expensive now, but maybe some day I'll get it again.
5) Keroro Gunsou Pet
I know next to nothing about this one, I just saw a video of it on youtube. The animations look really good, and the shell is a big Keroro Gunsou face XD If you haven't seen the show look it up.

Other Stuff I Like
- My Little Pony (collecting, customizing, reselling, etc)
- Pokémon (oyez)
- Fashion Design/Sewing
- Japanese Language
- Cute things ♥
- Pixel art and Spriting